| The reason why we started Comark
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The reason why we started Comark

The reason why we started Comark

Today there is a lot of buzz around marketing automation (MA). Every marketeer wants to send the right message, at the right moment, to the right person and via the right channel. And especially in an automated way.
So far so good.

But how do you start with MA? Clearly almost every company is convinced of the power of MA, but often don’t know where to begin.

That’s where we jump in and and start our common challenge.
By listening to your story we’ll try to create a picture of your specific situation and see how we can help.
At Comark, through our passed experience we noticed some recurring reasons why MA projects don’t start, are put on hold, are going to slow or simply don’t work.

In this and the coming blog posts we’ll have a look at the different reasons and see how we can manage them.

First of al you’ll have to find a good MA tool. On the actual market a lot of vendors scream to  have the ideal MA software for you. But unfortunately it isn’t that simple in reality.
Today you’ll have to consider a lof of functionalities. Because preferably you want a user friendly tool, that support multiple channels, that can integrate with other tools, that easily can connect with your data flows, ….

But choosing a good tool is only the beginning. Afterwards you’ll have to implement it and finally you’ll have to learn how to use it.
This is a proces where you certainly could need some assistance from a company/agency as ours.
During the implementation your marketing team and IT department will be concerned but unfortunately communication between both often doesn’t go smoothly. Therefore an intermidary is more then welcome. The intermediary is not only usefull between IT and marketing but also in case of integrations (CRM, E-commerce, CMS,…) or other custom developments (creation of an app, custom dashboard,…).

The last step of the implementation will be to learn how to use the tool and to setup your different campaigns/projects.
Workshops and trainings are usually organized but further assistance is more than welcome. This assistance can consist of an onsite accompaniment/consulting, guidance from a distance or you can confide it to us and we will handle it as a managed service.

Others already have a tool, but don’t know how to use it properly, don’t know of it’s appropriated to setup MA campaigns or don’t succeed to integrate it properl and also in this situation we can help.

As said this only 1 part of the many challenges you will encounter when you want to start with or expand your marketing automation activities.
In our following blogs we’ll walk accross some other challenges and dig deeper into them separatly.

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